These are the instructions to reach and use the Matlab:

First of all, you need to have a NIU (UAB identification). If you don't have one, you need to send an email to Pau Varela ( )

Mathworks uses the email to give you a new license. In case you don't have, you can beg one from UAB on:

Log in using your NIU and password

Click on "Portal DTIC - Suport (Centre d'assistencia i Suport)"
Enter on "Correu Electronic"
Choose "Alta compte de correu personal"

Fill the form with:

Name : "Your name"
Faculty : "Facultat de Ciencies"
Department : "Centre de Recerca Matematica"
Unit : "Investigador del CRM"
Office : "Your Office"
Phone : "Your Office Phone"

Mark the Knowledgement and Captcha
Press the button "Enviar" (Send)

In a few days you will receive an email from "Centre d'Assistencia i Suport" to notify your new address

You can login using your NIU and password in:

The next step is beg for a Mathworks account on:

Press the button named "Inicie sesion para empezar a utilizarlos"
You need to create a new account. Use the link "Crear cuenta" below the button.

Fill the Mathworks form:

eMail : "Your UAB email"
Country : "Spain"
Activity : "Docente / Investigador en institucion Academica"
Age up to 13 : "Si"

Press the button "Create"

You will receive a new mail from MathWorks at:

Once verified you can download and install the new Matlab Software
In case you need, you can also activate the license.

You have the manual here: