Printer is not working? No Problem, read this to solve.

1.Identify your network segment:

If you are connected in a room from 0 to 17 or by Wifi

You are in Visitors VLAN

If you are connected in a room from 18 to 32

You are in Research VLAN

2.Download and install the Printer Drivers

Printer Drivers

3.Add the Printer to your computer:

Start printers manager

If you can see something like 'iR-ADV C3835' (PublicPrinter2) or 'iR-ADV C5735' (PublicPrinter1) these are the printers two.

If you can't see anything, go to the next step.

Click on 'the printer what i want is not listed'

Click on Next

*see the 1st steep
If you are in Visitors VLAN:

Type 'PublicPrinter1' or 'PublicPrinter2', depends what printer do you like to add (1st or 2nd floor)

Click on Next

Select the driver you installed in the steep 2 (Canon Generic plus PCL6)

Click on Next to finish the installation of the printer.

If you are in Research VLAN:

Do the same steeps, at time to type the printer name, type '' intead of '' and do the same with '' --> ''