The printer is not working? No Problem, read this to solve.

1.Identify your network segment:

*If you are connected in a room from 0 to 17 or by Wifi

You are in Visitors VLAN

*If you are connected in a room from 18 to 32

You are in Research VLAN

2.Download and install the Printer Drivers

Download Printer drivers

Double click on .exe file and install setup.exe (in the installation process, don't select any printer to be installed automatically)

3.Add the Printer to your computer:

Start printers manager

If you can see something like 'iR-ADV C3835' (PublicPrinter2) or 'iR-ADV C5735' (PublicPrinter1) these are the printers two.

Auto add the two printers, If you can't see anything, go to the next step.

Click on 'the printer what i want is not listed'

Click on Next

*see the 1st steep
If you are in Visitors VLAN:

Type 'PublicPrinter1' or 'PublicPrinter2', depends what printer do you like to add (1st or 2nd floor)

Click on Next

Select the driver you installed in the steep 2 (Canon Generic plus PCL6)

Click on Next to finish the installation of the printer.

If you are in Research VLAN:

Do the same steeps, at time to type the printer name, type '' intead of '' and do the same with '' --> ''